My Training sessions can be completed outdoor  in  beautiful settings.

Or indoor at Gleddoch House Leisure and Spa complex.


Residential 3 or 5 day courses are also available on request.



About Us

 My training methods produce great results and are based on the following -:
                                                 WHOLE BODY INTERVAL TRAINING
                                                 CORE STRENGTH TRAINING

Simple mobilising exercises (major muscle groups) warming up in readiness for exercise and toning.



  • Kettle bell exercises

  • metafit exercises


  • Floor exercises including press up and plank

  • Stretching and relaxation exercises.

  • On- going Dietary advice 


     This type of  Interval training


  • Enhances muscle tone and weight loss, the effects lasting well into 48 hrs after session.

  • Speeds up the metabolism ..burning calories more readily in normal daily routine

  • Tones up the body and strengthens the immune system. With up to 40% less chance of serious illness.

  • Increases the  production of Testosterone and the Human Growth Hormone Which  delays the ageing process

  • Strengthens  the Core,   which is fundemental to correct posture. This re-allignment can  resolve any long term  muscular or joint pain you may have.




       My training sessions are never predictable and can vary in content.